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Great Things Come in Small Packages


Something small. something new, something great coming from Profoto

My birthday September 12th is always a great day as many companies seems to choose that day to launch exciting new products. Apple is again holding their annual iPhone launch on that day this year, but I'm more excited about what one of my favorite brands Profoto is launching. From the teaser, it seems as though they are about to launch a new lightweight and compact lighting system. Something we as professional photogs have all been wanting and I dare say, needing. We need to travel fast and light and nothing can take the energy out of a photoshoot than having to lug around heavy gear. Airline weight restrictions aren't exactly photographer friendly either. So having a portable lighting system that is powerful enough to meet the needs of a professional photographer is definitely welcomed addition to photog's kit and if any company knows how to do it right, it's Profoto. I very excited about what the possibilities are and will be glued to the internet on my birthday. lol

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