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Revolutionary or just another Lytro-like Fail?

The Light L 16

Imagine having a 52MP camera that fits in the palm of your hand or better yet, fits in your pocket?

That's what the makers of the Light L16 are promising to deliver. And now with a $30 million dollar investment from Google, this dream might actually have a real chance at becoming a reality. I for one am really hoping they can deliver as my eyes have gotten so used to seeing images with a high pixel count and stunning detail, that it's hard for me to look at anything less. Yes I know I have been tainted. What can I say, I shoot with the Canon 5DSR and Fujifilm GFX 50S on a daily basis. I'm aware that high resolution is not the only thing that makes an image beautiful, but it is pretty to look at and great if you have to print. So the prospect of having a portable camera that can deliver that kind of detail is intriguing.

However, I must admit, so far I'm not impressed. Like I said, my eyes have grown accustom to seeing and shooting with some of the Highest Resolution cameras on the market and this camera just doesn't seem to deliver on that boast when looking at the images posted in their online gallery: HERE

That's Not to say that these images are bad, in fact many (if not most) of them are quite good, but are they 52MP good? I've seen iPhone 7 images that are just as beautiful albeit without the resolution, so again I must ask, are they really that good? They don't seem to be what I've come to expect from a 50+ MP image in terms of detail. Even images taken with my old Olympus OMD E-M5 (see below) seem to have more detail using it's sensor shift technology which results in 40MP images. Granted it's physically larger than this camera and has to be held perfectly still shooting a stationary subject to achieve it, but the results are stunning for such a small lightweight camera. The Light L16 has a lot to live up to if it expects to make a dent in this ever growing market with very capable photographic tools.

I really hope I'm wrong about this little camera as it would be awesome to have such a compact image creation tool that fits in the pocket and at 52MP, this thing would be a BEAST!
Please, please, please don't be another Lytro getting our hopes up just to become just a forgotten gimmicky toy with no real world interest.
Professional Photographers are routing for you Light

Bikes photographed by M. using the Olympus OMD E-M5

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