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  1. Although we thoroughly appreciate your time for doing a test shoot with us, a "Test Shoot" is not a job! As such, we are under no obligation to provide you any number of images. As a rule, we guarantee to provide the model and/or subject with at least one retouched image as a thank you for your time, but please don't expect to receive "ALL" of the images or even a huge number of images. The most we will ever provide is up to three free images for a test shoot. Anything more than three, you should expect to pay for each additional image according to our pricing structure laid out on our "Services" page: HERE
  2. Any image we provide will be retouched. We are not in the habit of putting our work out in public without at least a minimum amount of retouching, so do NOT ask us for un-retouched images because you are in a rush to receive your image(s).
  3. As a "Test Shoot" is not a paid job, and is something we either do for fun, as an artistic collaboration or to "Test" a new concept or equipment; we are under no time constraints in when we will provide your image(s) to you. Please be patient, as our paying customers are our first priory and it may take some time to provide your image(s).
  4. We are not concerned with what services other so-called "Professional Photographers" may or may not have provided you in the past. There are many pretend-to-be professionals out there promising the moon just to get a pretty girl in front of their lens. We are NOT that kind of studio. We are certified professionals who make our living 100% from photography. This is not a part time job for us, and we don't intend on competing with hobbyists who shoot part time and are willing to give you hundreds of images for free just because you think you are entitled to them. YOU ARE NOT!
  5. Quality vs Quantity: We will never support, comply nor compete with this ridiculous trend (mainly initiated by unprofessional photographers and unprofessional models) that you as the subject should receive ALL your images from a test shoot. Even if we were to give you all of the images, you would NEVER use all of them for your portfolio anyway. You will only ever need one or two great images from a shoot for your portfolio. Advertisers spend thousands of dollars on a photoshoot to choose ONE! Because one great image is all you will ever need. ONE great image speaks louder than a thousand mediocre images. As photography has become more accessible to the masses, these unprofessional people ignorant of what true photography actually is, have forgotten that is an Artform and have depreciated it's value. Clicking on the shutter button, taking hundreds of images hoping to get lucky is NOT photography and we are not that kind of photography studio. We may set up for hours just to get one great shot. And that is what you should be expecting when you shoot with us.
  6. You do NOT own the rights to the images, the photographer does. The photographer unequivocally, undeniably owns 100% of the rights to all of the images, unless being paid by a client to give up those rights as part of their fee. In that scenario, it would no longer be a "Test Shoot", it would be a paid job. THIS THE LAW! If you have any doubts about this, please familiarize yourself with standard Photography Copyright Laws found HERE